[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Ahlgren v. Ahlgren Trusts -- Oral Trusts
Allebach v. Gollub Estate Administration -- Validity of Marrriage
Estate Administration -- Standing
Austin Trust v. Houren Trusts -- Settlement Agreement
Burns v. Burns Wills -- Will Contest -- Statute of Limitations
Castello v. Estate of Castello Wills -- Testamentary Capacity
Estate of Long Estate Administration -- Appeal
Estate of Martin Intestacy -- Common Law Spouse
Estate of Riley Estate Administration -- Late Probate
Estate of Turpiin Estate Administration -- Removal of Independent Executor
Estate of Webb Estate Administration -- Sale of Estate Property
Fogal v. Fogal Miscellaneous -- Co-owners
Harlow v. Harlow Trusts -- Jurisdiction
Herbig v. Welch Trusts -- "Interested Person"
Trusts -- Trust Property
In re Crapps Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction
In re Estate of Mzvk Wills -- Interpretation
In re Delp Miscellaneous -- Agent Removal
In re Phillips Miscellaneous -- Survival
In re Rodgers Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees
In re Tovar Estate Administration -- Administrator Appointment
Matter of Troy S. Poe Tr. Trusts -- Trust Modifications
McCoy v. McCoy Trusts -- Texas Citizens Participation Act
Mittelsted v. Meriwether Wills -- Will Contest
Parker v. Filip Trusts -- Venue
Wright v. Jones scellaneous -- Lady Bird Deeds