[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Archer v. Moody Trusts -- Interpretation
Aubrey v. Aubrey Trusts -- Trustee Removal
Boothe v. Green Wills -- Ademption
Bradley v. Shaffer Trusts -- Spendthrift Provisions
Byerley v. McCulley Estate Administration -- Late Probate
Estate of Gilbert Wills -- Contractual Wills
Estate of Nielsen Estate Administration -- Family Allowance
Estate of Nunu Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees

Estate Administration -- Application to Compel Distribution
Estate of Price Estate Administration -- Receiver Appointment
Estate of Riefler Estate Administration -- Settlement Agreements
Estate of Rodriguez Wills -- Will Contest -- Undue Influence - Sufficient Evidence
Ferreira v. Butler Estate Administration -- Late Probate
Hare v. Longstreet Other Estate Planning Matters -- Joint Accounts
Healey v. Healey Miscellaneous -- Power of Attorney
In Estate of Larson Estate Administration -- Fee Awards
In re Cokinos, Boisien & Young Estate Administration -- E-mail Access
In re Estate of Turner Miscellaneous -- Lady Bird Deeds
Jinkins v. Jinkins Wills -- Construction
Jones v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Trusts -- Fiduciary Duty
Kinsel v. Lindsey Miscellaneous -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights
Lawson v. Collins Wills -- Will Contests -- Arbitration

Wills -- Will Contests -- Forgery
Lee v. Lee Trusts -- Jurisdiction
Mayfield v. Peek Trusts -- Standing
Rice v. Rice Wills -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights
Texas Capital Bank v. Asche Wills -- Contest -- Lack of Capacity

Trusts -- Parties
Yost v. Fails Wills -- Will Contests -- Undue Influence

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees

Wills -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights