[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Anderson v. Archer Wills -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights -- Austin District
Dampier v. Williams Intestacy -- Adoption by Estoppel
Dutcher v. Dutcher-Phipps Crane & Rigging Inc. Trusts -- Property
Estate of Davidson Estate Administration -- Appeals -- Removal of Personal Representative
Estate of Hoskins Trusts -- Receivers
Estate of Koontz Wills -- Testamentary Capacity
Estate of Matthews Miscellaneous Matters -- Voiding Marriage After Death
Estate of Rhoades Wills -- Construction -- Jurisdiction

Wills -- Construction -- Dispositive Provisions
Estate of Sloan Estate Administration -- Impact of Survivor's Homestead on Property Value
Gause v. Gause Trusts -- Lost Trust Instrument
Gordon v. Gordon Trusts -- Revocation
Hysaw v. Dawkins Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Ambiguity
In re Davidson Estate Administration -- Venue
In re Estate of Heider Wills -- Exoneration
In re Estate of Parrimore Wills -- Will Contest
In re Estate of Romo Wills -- Contests -- Lack of Formalities
In re Green Trusts -- Venue
In re Jacky Estate Administration -- Muniment of Title
Lemus v. Aguilar Wills -- Formalities
Matter of Kam Wills -- Formalities

Wills -- Will Contests -- Undue Influence

Estate Adminstration -- Attorney's Fees -- Successful Admission to Probate
Merrick v. Helter Wills -- Will Contests -- Improper Reason for Disinheritance
Stephens v. Beard Wills -- Interpretation -- "Common Disaster"
US Bank v. TFHSP LLC Series 6481 Trusts -- Jurisdiction
Wise v. Mitchell Miscellaneous -- Power of Attorney
Woods v. Kenner Wills -- Lost Wills