[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Ard v. Hudson Wills -- In Terrorem Provision
Bank of America, N.A. v. Eisenhauer Other Estate Planning Issues -- Multiple-Party Accounts
Dowell v. Quiroz Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction
Estate of Wright Miscellaneous -- Oral Gift of Real Property

Estate Administration -- Attorney Fees -- Unsuccessful Admission to Probate
In Matter of Estate of Romo Estate Administration -- Appeal
In re Estate of Cole Wills -- Election Wills

Wills -- No Contest Clause
In re Estate of Montemayor Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Removal of Independent Executor
In re XTO Energy, Inc. Trusts -- Standing
Jackson Walker v. Kinsel Miscellaneous -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights
Jordan v. Lyles Miscellaneous -- Power of Attorney
Matter of Estate of Standefer Estate Administration -- Lost Wills
McCay v. State Wills -- Criminal Law Interface
Messner v. Boon Miscellaneous -- Malpractice
Miller v. Lucas Miscellaneous -- Durable Power of Attorney
Stern v. Marshall Wills -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights
Valdez v. Hollenbeck Estate Administration -- Bill of Review
Warren v. Weiner Trusts -- Jurisdiction
West 17th Resources, LLC v. Pawelek Trusts -- Conveyance by Trustee