[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Benavides v. Mathis Trusts -- Characterization of Distributions
Carter Ex Rel. Estate of Haley v. Campbell Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Family Settlement Agreements
Clark v. Rameker Miscellaneous -- Inherited Individual Retirement Accounts
Dawkins v. Hysaw Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- No Ambiguity
Dawson v. Lowrey Miscellaneous -- Power of Attorney -- Standing
Diaz v. Elkin Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction
Estate of Fisher Estate Administration -- Appeal
Gossett v. Back Estate Administration -- Personal Representative Qualification
In re Estate of Aguilar Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction
In re Estate of Araguz Intestate Succession -- Surviving Spouse
In re Estate of Hemsley Wills -- Testamentary Capacity

Miscellaneous -- Disposition of Body
In re Estate of Stone Estate Administration -- Sale of Estate Property
In re Hannah Estate Administration -- Venue
In re McDonald Estate Administration -- Interested Person
In re Willa Peters Hubberd Testementary Trust Trusts -- Jurisdiction

Trusts -- Deviation
In the Estate of Perez-Muzza Wills -- Will Contests -- Standing
Jones v. Coyle Estate Administration -- Attorneys Fees
Mims-Brown v. Brown Miscellaneous -- Joint Account
Orr v. Walker Estate Administration -- Late Probate -- Proponent in Default
Smalley v. Smalley Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction
Stephens v. Beard Wills -- Interpretation -- "Common Disaster"
Ward v. Stanford Trusts -- Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Wassmer v. Hopper Miscellaneous -- Homestead