[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Bullock v. BankChampaign Trusts -- Bankruptcy
Coffey v. Bank of America Estate Administration -- Bank Account Recovery
Elliott v. Weatherman Trusts -- Receivership
Estate of Finney Wills -- Contractual
Haga v. Thomas Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction
Hicks v. Texas Miscellaneous -- Multiple-Party Accounts
Hillman v. Maretta Miscellaneous -- Life Insurance
In re Estate of Aguilar Estate Administration -- Bill of Review
In re Estate of Allen Estate Administration -- Statute of Limitations
In re Estate of Arizola Estate Administration -- Appointment of Administrator -- Removal of Personal Representative
In re Estate of Bessire Estate Administration -- Attorney’s Fees -- Executor denied fees 
In re Estate of Forister Intestacy -- Inheritance Rights of Descendants of Adopted-Out Heir
In re Estate of Jones Trusts -- Principal and Income Allocation
In re Estate of Pilkilton Wills -- Formalities; Testamentary Capacity; Undue Influence
In re Estate of Trevino Estate Administration -- Transfer
In re Estate of Valdez Wills -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights
In re Estate of Whittington Estate Administration -- Discharged Independent Executor as Proper Party to Contest
In re Estate of Woods Miscellaneous -- Body Disposition
In re Paschall Trusts -- Discovery
In re San Jacinto County Estate Administration -- Venue
Kellner v. Kellner Trusts -- Distribution Upon Termination
Kirkland v. Schaff Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees; Removal of Personal Representative
Meekins v. Wisnoski Wills -- Title of Devisee
Netherton v. Cowan Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Vesting of Interests
Pine v. deBlieux Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Authority of Trial Court in Gap Between Opinion and Mandate
Rachal v. Reitz Trusts -- Arbitration