[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Astrue v. Capato Other Estate Planning Matters -- Social Security Benefits for Posthumous Children
Coterill-Jenkins v. Texas Medical Ass'n Trusts -- Creation
Di Portanova v. Monroe Wills -- In Terrorem Provision
Evanston Ins. Co. v. Legacy of Life, Inc. Miscellaneous -- Anatomical Matters
In re Chesses Wills -- Will Contests -- Discovery
In re Estate of Abernethy Miscellaneous -- Beneficiary Designations on Non-Probate Assets
In re Estate of Anderegg Wills -- Interpretation -- Debts "Paid Out of My Estate"

Wills -- Interpretation -- "All Monies"

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees
In re Estate of Arrington Wills -- Testamentary Capacity

Wills -- Will Formalities
In re Estate of Cunningham Miscellaneous -- Community Property Survivorship Agreements
In re Estate of Hutchins Estate Administration -- Executor's Ability to Recover Estate Property
In re Estate of Scott Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Order Approving Account for Final Settlement
In re Estate of Sidranksy Wills -- Will Contest -- Undue Influence
Le v. Nguyen Wills -- Will Contest -- Testamentary Capacity
Martin v. Martin Trusts -- Fiduciary Duties
Martinek Grain & Bins, Inc. v. Bulldog Farms, Inc. Trusts -- Funding with Homestead
Nash v. Beckett Wills -- Interpretation -- Distribution Provisions
Omohundro v. Ramirez-Justus Wills -- Will Contest
Roberts v. Wilson Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Outright Gift v. Fee Simple Determinable
Vela v. CRC Land Holdings, Ltd. Trusts -- Revocability
Wolfe v. Devon Energy Production Co., LP Trusts -- Statute of Frauds