[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Cluck v. Mecom Trusts -- Breach of Fiduciary Duty -- Evidence -- Statute of Limitations
Coleman v. Coleman Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Description of Devise
Doggett v. Robinson

Wills -- Power of Appointment

Evans v. Allen Wills -- Will Contests -- Statute of Limitations
Guyton v. Monteau

Estate Administration -- Personal Representative -- Qualification

In re Estate of Brown Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Orders to Clear Title
In re Estate of Campbell

Estate Administration -- Late Probate

In re Estate of Coleman Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Order Admitting Will to Probate
In re Estate of Denman Wills -- Payment of Taxes
In re Estate of Gober Estate Administration -- Appointment of Personal Representative --
In re Estate of Hudson Wills -- Will Contests -- Sufficiency of General Denial
In re Estate of Johnson

Wills -- Undue Influence
Estate Administration -- Attorneys' Fees -- Will Proponent
Trusts -- Attorneys' Fees -- Successful Contestant

In re Estate of Lynch Wills -- Will Contests -- Attorney Fees

Wills -- Wills Contests -- Inconsistent Findings
In re Estate of Morales

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Determination that Alleged Spouse Previously Divorced Intestate

In re Estate of Puig

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Contesting Lack of Dominant Jurisdiction

In re Estate of Vackar

Wills -- Contests -- Lack of Testamentary Capacity
Miscellaneous -- Durable Power of Attorney -- Lack of Capacity
Miscellaneous -- Life Insurance

In re O'Quinn Estate Administration -- Standing
In re Robinson Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction
Kennemer v. Fort Worth Cmty. Credit Union

Miscellaneous -- Joint Account

Lacis v. Lacis Wills -- Anti-Lapse Statute
Lopez-Franco v. Hernandez Estate Administration -- Standing and Capacity

Estate Administration -- Life Insurance
McKeehan v. McKeehan Miscellaneous -- Non-Testamentary Transfers
Mohseni v. Hartman

Estate Administration -- Creditors -- Duty of Personal Representative to Unsecured Creditor

Myrick v. Moody Nat'l Bank

Trusts -- Long-Term Leases

Pine v. deBlieux Estate Administration -- Personal Representative -- Unsuitability
Rachal v. Reitz

Trusts -- Arbitration

Stauffacher v. Coadum Capital Fund 1, LLC

Trusts -- Trust Intent