[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Buck v. Estate of Buck Estate Administration -- Bill of Review
Cooper v. Cochran

Trusts -- Creation -- Fraud and Undue Influence

Ditta v.Conte

Trusts -- Trustee Removal

Gammill v. Fettner

Trusts -- Jurisdiction -- District Court v. Statutory Probate Court

Grisham v. Lawrence

Wills -- Construction and Interpretation

Holmes v. Beatty

Miscellaneous -- Community Property Survivorship Agreements -- Statement of Survivorship Feature
Miscellaneous -- Community Property Survivorship Agreements -- Revocation

In re Estate of Allen

Wills -- Testamentary Intent

In re Estate of Fuselier

Wills -- Formalities -- Witnesses
Wills -- Contingent Will

In re Estate of Jones

Estate Administration -- Setting Aside Probate of Will as a Muniment of Title

In re Estate of Reno Wills -- Will Contests -- Undue Influence
In re Estate of Russell

Wills -- Undue Influence

In re Estate of Tyner

Wills -- Construction -- "Descendant"

In re Estate of Washington

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Denial of Attorney's Fees
Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees

Irwin v. Irwin

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Life Insurance

Kappus v. Kappus

Estate Administration -- Removal of Executor

Longoria v. Lasater

Trusts -- Deceased Person as Beneficiary

Myrick v. Enron Oil & Gas Co.

Trusts -- Termination -- Trustee's Powers After Termination

Nipp v. Broumley

Miscellaneous -- Joint Accounts

Pollard v. Pollard

Estate Administration -- Appeal

Ray v. McMaster

Wills -- Contractual Wills

Smith v. Hodges

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Sale of Estate Property

Smith v. O'Donnell

Miscellaneous -- Malpractice Outside of Estate Planning Context

Stoll v. Henderson

Estate Administration -- Will Contest Statute of Limitations