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Case Name Topics
Alpert v.Riley

Trusts -- Trustees -- Successor Trustees
Trusts -- Breach of Fiduciary Duty -- Settlor
Trusts -- Attorneys Fees -- Standard for Allowance

Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. v. Brown

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Power of Attorney

Cooper v. Cochran

Trusts -- Creation -- Fraud and Undue Influence

Eastland v. Eastland

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Appointment of Independent Executor -- Successor Independent Executor; Named Successor Deemed Suitable

Estate of Wolfe

Estate Administration -- Family Allowance -- Consideration of Surviving Spouse's Separate Property

In re Ashton

Trusts -- Jurisdiction

In re Estate of Alexander

Wills -- Nuncupative

In re Estate of Boren

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Named Executor Deemed Unsuitable
Wills -- Disclaimer -- Validity of Disclaimer

In re Estate of Denman

Wills -- Apportionment Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Standing

In re Estate of Gaines

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Appointment of Independent Executor
Trusts -- Jurisdiction
Estate Administration -- Creditors -- Independent Administration

In re Estate of Henry

Wills -- Undue Influence
Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees -- Unsuccessful Attempt to Probate Will

In re Estate of Miller

Estate Administration -- Removal of Executor & Return of Fees

In re Estate of Pruitt

Wills -- Formalities -- Order of Execution and Attestation

In re Estate of Rhea

Estate Administration -- Exempt Property
Estate Administration -- Family Allowance

In re Estate of Romancik

Wills -- Testamentary Intent

In re Estate of Stafford

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Life Insurance Proceeds

In re Estate of Teinert

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Closing Estate by Operation of Law

In re Estate of Turner

Estate Administration -- Lost Will

In re Estate of Walker

Estate Administration -- Inventory
Trusts -- Property Description

In re Estate of Washington

Estate Administration -- Removal of Administrator

In re Estate of Webb

Wills -- Settlement Agreements
Trusts -- Modification

In re Estate of Wilson

Wills -- Lost Will

In re Estate of Womack

Wills -- Class Gift

In re Graham

Estate Administration -- Venue

In re Guardianship of Gibbs

Trusts -- Jurisdiction

In re Ray Ellison Grandchildren Trust

Trusts -- Interpretation and Construction -- Descendants
Trusts -- Attorneys' Fees

In re Roy

Estate Administration -- Removal of Independent Executor

In re Townley Bypass Unified Credit Trust

Trusts -- Spendthrift Provision

McCuen v. Huey

Wills -- Disclaimer

Paschall v. Bank of America

Trusts -- Construction and Interpretation -- Meaning of "Descendants"

Sarah v. Primarily Primates, Inc.

Trusts -- Intent

Soefje v. Jones

Trusts -- Construction and Interpretation -- Trust Amendment

Wells v. Dotson

Estate Administration -- Specific Performance