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Case Name Topics
Alpert v. Gerstner

Trusts -- Receivers

Armes v. Thompson

Estate Administration -- Survival

Armstrong v. Hixon

Trusts -- Determination of Class Gift Membership

Armstrong v. Roberts

Miscellaneous -- Power of Attorney
Miscellaneous -- Multiple-Party Accounts -- Designation of Pay on Death Payees
Miscellaneous -- Multiple-Party Accounts -- Language Sufficient to Create Survivorship Rights

De Ayala v. Mackie

Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction

Belt v. Oppenheimer, Blend, Harrison & Tate, Inc.

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Malpractice

Brown v. Traylor

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees -- Necessity of Expert Testimony to Establish
Wills -- Attestation -- Publication
Wills -- Attestation -- Interested Witness
Estate Administration -- Lost Wills -- Contents Properly Proved

Churchill v. Mayo

Estate Administration --  Appellate Jurisdiction

Decker v. Decker

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Gifts

Di Portanova v. Monroe

Wills -- No Contest Clause -- Not Breached

Trusts -- Declaratory Judgments

Dolenz v. Vail

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel

Hailey v. Siglar

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- District Court

In re Estate of Alexander

Estate Administration -- Transfer

In re Estate of Arrendell

Estate Administration -- Appeal

In re Estate of Bean

Wills -- Construction and Interpretation -- Ambiguity
Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Ability of Court to Construe Will

In re Estate of Blevins

Estate Administration -- Will Contest -- Statute of Limitations in a Late Probate

In re Estate of Clark

Estate Administration -- Removal of Executor

In re Estate of Hawkins

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees -- Against Personal Representative Who Neglects Duty

In re Estate of Jones

Estate Administration -- Lost Wills -- Contents Properly Proved

In re Estate of Hersey

Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction

In re Estate of Kuykendall

Estate Administration -- Muniment of Title
Estate Administration -- Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights

In re Estate of Longron

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees -- Award of Fees Via a Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict

In re Estate of Trevino

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Appointment of Receiver
Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Appointment of Receiver

In re Estate of Wilcox

Estate Administration -- Attorney Fees -- Beneficiary's Defense of Conduct

In re Estate of Willett

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Partial Summary Judgment

In re Estate of Wilson

Miscellaneous -- Multiple-Party Accounts -- Language Sufficient to Create Survivorship Rights
Estate Administration -- Inventory

In re Lewis

Estate Administration -- Transfer

Jones v. Blume

Trusts -- Creation -- Trust Intent -- Settlement Agreement

Lee v. Hersey

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction

Long v. Long

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity
Wills -- Undue Influence

Mangrum v. Conrad

Wills -- Conditional Gift

Marshall v. Marshall

Estate Administration -- Federal Probate Exception

O'Donnell v. Smith

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Malpractice -- Belt to Apply Retroactively

Ray Malooly Trust v. Juhl

Trusts -- Suit Against Trustee

Roman v. Roman

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Frozen Embryo Disposition Upon Divorce

Ross v. Goldstein

Miscellaneous -- Marriage-Like Relationship Doctrine

Schuchmann v. Schuchmann

Trusts -- Jurisdiction -- Statutory Probate Court

Steele v. McDonald

Estate Administration -- Pro Se

Young v. First Community Bank

Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction