[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. v. Beyer

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Joint Accounts

Ajudani v. Walker

Formalities -- Holographic Will -- Lack of Signature

Austin Nursing Center, Inc. v. Lovato

Estate Administration -- Survival Action -- Standing & Capacity

Ayala v. Mackie

Estate Administration -- Successor Personal Representative

Ayers v. Mitchell

Trusts -- Creation -- Statute of Frauds

Combs v. Gent

Trusts -- Liability of Trustee's Attorney

Cooper v. Coe

Estate Administration -- Survival

Cotten v. Cotten

Wills -- Undue Influence

Covington v. Sisters of Charity of Incarnate Word

Estate Administration -- Survival Action -- Standing & Capacity

Ferrer v. Guevara

Estate Administration -- Survival Action -- Standing of Heir

Garton v. Rockett

Estate Administration -- Lost Wills

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees -- To Unsuccessful Will Proponent

Gonzalez v. Reliant Energy, Inc.

Estate Administration -- Venue

Hardy v. Robinson

Trusts -- Trust Creation

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Durable Power of Attorney

Hill v. Bartlette

Estate Administration -- Powers of Temporary Administrator

In re Estate of Arndt

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees

In re Estate of Berger

Wills -- Lost Will Trusts -- Creation -- Trust Agreement

In re Estate of Capps

Wills -- Lost Will Wills -- Formalities -- Holographic Joint Will

In re Estate of Cornes

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity

Wills -- Formalities -- Holographic Will -- Wholly in Testators Handwriting

Estate Administration -- Late Probate -- Notice to Heirs

Estate Administration -- Late Probate -- "Not in Default"

In re Estate of Friesenhahn

Wills -- Contractual Wills

In re Estate of Gomez

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Conflicting Probate Applications

In re Estate of Grimm

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity Wills -- Undue Influence

In re Estate of Halbert

Wills -- Family Settlement Agreements

In re Estate of Nash

Wills -- Divorce

In re Estate of Stanton

Estate Administration --  Determination of Heirship -- Authority of Attorney ad Litem-- Appointment of Administrator - Unsuitability -- Award of Attorney's Fees -- Expenses of Attorney ad Litem -- Bond

In re Estate of Trawick

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity

In re Guardianship of Bayne

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Authority of Probate Court
Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Claims Procedure

In re Terex

Estate Administration -- Venue

In re Weekley Homes, L.P.

Trusts -- Beneficiary -- Bound by Trustee's Contract

Krumnow v. Krumnow

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Transfer to District Court From County Court Trusts -- Appointment of Receiver

Lorentz v. Dunn

Estate Administration -- Survival Action -- Standing & Capacity

Patrick v. Patrick

Wills -- Interpretation & Construction -- Tax Apportionment

Paul v. Merrill Lynch Trust Co. of Texas

Estate Administration -- Attorney Fees -- To Beneficiaries

Estate Administration -- Attorney Fees -- To Executor

Pratho v. Zapata

Estate Administration -- Standing of Heir to Bring Survival Action

Rogers v. Ardella Veigel Inter

Vivos Trust No. 2

Trusts -- Creation

Wills -- Ambiguity

Sierad v. Barnett

Estate Administration -- Surety Liability

Sterling Trust Co. v. Adderley

Trusts -- Fiduciary Duties

Walker v. Walker

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Sale of Property Not Completely Owned by Decedent

Wood v. Victoria Bank & Trust Co., N.A.

Trusts -- Trustees -- Substitute Fiduciary Act