[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Bank of Texas, N.A., Trustee v. Mexia

Trusts -- Section 867 Management Trusts -- Termination

Belt v. Oppenheimer, Blend, Harrison & Tate, Inc.

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Malpractice

County of Dallas v. Sempe

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Survival Actions

Dolenz v. Vail

Trusts -- Jurisdiction

Faulkner v. Bost

Trusts -- Standing to Request Accounting

Hachar v. Hachar

Trusts -- Attorney's Fees

Harris v. Hines

Wills -- Ademption
Wills -- Ambiguity -- Patent

Herring v. Bank of America, N.A.

Estate Administration -- Creditors -- Priority

Hubbard v. Shankle

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Life Insurance
Trusts -- Trust Intent

In re Denison

Estate Administration -- Court Assignment

In re Estate of Armstrong

Estate Administration -- Standing

In re Estate of Browne

Wills -- Formalities -- Attestation in Testator's Presence
Wills -- Formalities -- Testator Reading the Will
Wills -- Testamentary Capacity -- Evidence Sufficient to Raise Fact Issue

In re Estate of Davidson

Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction -- Bill of Review

In re Estate of Iversen

Wills -- Formalities -- Attestation

In re Estate of Perez

Wills -- Conditional Wills

In re Estate of Robinson [case 1]

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity -- Evidence Sufficient to Support Jury Verdict of Lack of Capacity
Estate Administration -- Statute of Limitations -- Will Contest

In re Estate of Robinson [case 2]

Estate Administration -- Disqualification of Executor -- Unsuitable
Estate Administration -- Appellate Jurisdiction

In re Estate of Steed

Estate Administration -- Venue
Wills -- Undue Influence
Wills -- Testamentary Intent
Wills -- Formalities -- Execution
Wills -- Waiver

In re John G. Kenedy Memorial Foundation

Estate Administration -- Bill of Review -- Transfer

In re Orsagh

Estate Administration -- Disqualification of Judge

In re Stark

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Transfer from District Court to County Court at Law

Kenseth v. Dallas County

Estate Administration -- Authority of Heir

Marsh v. Frost National Bank

Trusts -- Charitable Trusts

Mayhew v. Dealey

Estate Administration -- Standing -- Survival Action

McClure v. JPMorgan Chase Bank

Trusts -- Revocation

Mobil Oil Corp. v. Shores

Trusts -- Jurisdiction

Moore v. Johnson

Estate Administration -- Standing

Musquiz v. Marroquin

Miscellaneous -- Power of Attorney -- Breach of Duty & Jurisdiction

Parker v. Parker

Wills -- Construction -- Adopted Great-Grandchildren

Parrish v. Rutherford

Estate Administration -- Determination

Phillips v. Ivy

Wills -- Disclaimers

Proctor v. White

Wills -- Will Contests Generally -- Proper Briefing

Punts v. Wilson

Other Estate Planning Matters -- P.O.D. Accounts

Roach v. Rowley

Estate Administration -- Final Accounting -- Standing to Object
Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Waiver

Shell Cortez Pipeline Co. v. Shores

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Class Certification

State v. Fernandez

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Interlocutory Appeal