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Case Name Topics

Andrews v. Aldine Independent School District

Estate Administration -- Creditors -- Delinquent Property Taxes

Ayala v. Brittingham

Estate Administration -- Foreign Will
Estate Administration -- Removal of Personal Representative

Clifton v. Hopkins

Trusts -- Creation -- Fraud
Trusts -- Exculpatory Provisions

Coleman v. Winn-Coleman, Inc.

Estate Administration -- Unqualified Community Administration

Eckels v. Davis

Trusts -- Interpretation -- Latent Ambiguity

Estate of Hearn v. Hearn

Wills -- Contractual Wills
Trusts -- Reformation

Ferguson v. Ferguson

Estate Administration -- Settlement Agreements
Wills -- In Terrorem Provision

Garner v. Long

Estate Administration -- Inventory

Hope v. Baumgartner

Estate Administration -- Claims -- Attorney's Fees of Unsuccessful Will Proponent

Hurley v. Moody Nat'l Bank of Galveston

Trusts -- Construction and Interpretation

In re Estate of Bean

Wills -- Construction and Interpretation -- Independent Administration
Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Partition and Distribution

In re Estate of Blakes

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity

In re Estate of Butts

Wills -- Undue Influence

In re Estate of Dillard

Trusts -- Jurisdiction
Wills -- Construction and Interpretation -- "Cash" and "Money in Any Financial Institution"
Trusts -- Discretion of Trustee
Multiple-Party Accounts -- Survivorship Rights
Trusts -- Accountings

In re Estate of Hernandez

Estate Administration -- Remedy for Improper Sale

In re Estate of Osborne

Wills -- Contractual Wills -- Pre-§ 59A Joint Will Deemed Contractual

In re Estate of Padilla

Estate Administration -- Appeal

In re Estate of Schiwetz

Wills -- In Terrorem Provisions
Wills -- Testamentary Intent
Wills -- Signature

In re Estate of Swanson

Wills -- Will Contests - Generally -- Procedural Matters

In re Estate of Williams

Estate Administration -- Late Probate

In re Shore

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Supersedeas Bond

In re Terex Corp.

Estate Administration -- Transfer

Keen v. Weaver

Miscellaneous -- Divorce and Beneficiary Designations

Lorentz v. Dunn

Estate Administration -- Survival Action -- Standing

Lorenz v. Janssen

Wills -- Will Construction -- Res Judicata

Marion v. Davis

Wills -- Conditional Gifts

McAnally v. Friends of WCC, Inc.

Trusts -- Creation

Miller v. Estate of Self

Estate Administration -- Estate as Legal Entity

Nadolney v. Taub

Estate Administration -- Appraisers

Ozuna v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Wills -- Pretermitted Child

Ray v. McFarland

Wills -- Will Contests -- Attorney's Fees of Losing Contestant

Reliant Energy, Inc. v. Gonzalez

Estate Administration -- Venue

Rosen v. Wells Fargo Bank Texas, N.A.

Wills -- Tax Apportionment

Rothrock v. Rothrock

Miscellaneous -- Delivery of Deed

Schlindler v. Schlindler

Estate Administration -- Late Probate
Wills -- Will Contests-Generally -- Standing

Schuele v. Schuele

Trusts -- Jurisdiction

Singleton v. Donalson

Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Rights of Life Tenant

Steger v. Muenster Drilling Co., Inc.

Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Rights of Life Tenant

Torrez v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

Miscellaneous -- Life Insurance -- Discovery of Corporate Owned Life Insurance Policy

Vogt v. Warnock

Miscellaneous -- Durable Power of Attorney

Wilson ex. rel. C.M.W. v. Estate of Williams

Intestate Succession -- Spousal Determination
Intestate Succession -- Non-Marital Child

Wilson N. Jones Memorial Hosp. v. Huff

Estate Administration -- Injunction

Wojcik v. Wesolick

Wills -- Will Contests -- Joinder of or Notice to Beneficiairies