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Avary v. Bank of America

Estate Administration -- Fiduciary Duties

Barrientos v. Nava

Trusts -- Creation
Trusts -- Removal of Trustee -- "For Other Cause"
Trusts -- Successor Trustee

Gorham v. Gates ex. rel. Estate of Badouh

Estate Administration -- Creditor's Claims -- Claim of Beneficiary's Creditor

Casillas v. Cano

Trusts -- Trustee's Powers
Estate Administration -- Heir Representing Estate

Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London v. Smith

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Life Insurance -- Insurable Interest

FCLT Loans, L.P. v. Estate of Bracher

Trusts -- Funding as Fraudulent Transfer
Estate Administration -- Creditors -- Independent Executor’s Duty to Creditors
Trusts -- Creditors -- Trustee’s Duty to Settlor’s Creditor
Trusts -- Spendthrift Provision -- Settlor as Beneficiary

Garza v. Rodriguez

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Title Issues

In re Azle Manor, Inc.

Estate Administration -- Transfer -- Discretionary Nature of Transfer

In re Estate of Figueroa-Gomez

Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Award of Expenses
Estate Administration -- Compensation -- Entitlement

In re Estate of Flores

Wills -- Will Contests -- Evidence to Support

In re Estate of McFatter

 Wills -- Contractual Wills
Wills -- Election Wills

In re Estate of Teal

Wills -- Formalities

In re Taylor

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Professional Responsibility

In re Texas A&M—Corpus Christi Foundation, Inc.

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Inter vivos gifts -- Attorney-Client Privilege

Jeter v. McGraw

Intestate Succession -- Non-Marital Child

Medford v. Medford

Wills -- Remainder Beneficiary Killing Life Tenant

Moser v. Davis

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Malpractice


Estate Administration -- Transfer from District Court by Probate Court

Parker v. JPMorgan Chase Bank

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Multiple-Party Accounts -- P.O.D. Account

Stovall v. Mohler

Wills -- Will Contests Generally -- Statute of Limitations

Texas Commerce Bank, N.A. v. Grizzle

Trusts -- Exculpatory Clause

Texas State Bank v. Amaro

Trusts -- Section 142 Trusts

Tovias v. Wildwood Properties Partnership

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Resolving Concurrent Jurisdiction

Vinson v. Brown

Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Powers of Executor

Waste Disposal Center, Inc. v. Larson

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Suit Against "Estate"

Williams v. Williams

Wills -- Construction -- Restraint on Alienation