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Case Name Topics

Anton v. Merrill Lynch

Other Matters -- IRA Beneficiary Designation

Cason v. Taylor

Wills -- Lost Wills
Wills -- Testamentary Intent
Wills -- Revocation by Inconsistency
Wills -- In Terrorem Provision

Collins v. Smith

Wills -- Testamentary Intent
Miscellaneous -- Fraud in Procuring Deed
Wills -- Fiduciary Duties
Estate Administration -- Costs for Defending Will in Good Faith

Conte v. Conte

Trusts -- In Terrorem Provision
Trusts -- Attorney's Fees

Dubree v. Blackwell

Other Estate Planning Matters -- Setting Aside Deeds and Bank Account Contracts

Edwards v. Pena

Other Matters -- Multiple-Party Accounts -- Ownership of Non-Contributing Joint Party

Egelhoff v. Egelhoff

Other Matters -- Divorce and Beneficiary Designations

Garner v. Estate of Long

Wills -- Election Will

Grizzle v. Texas Commerce Bank, N.A.

Trusts -- Exculpatory Clause

Hayes v. Rinehart

Miscellaneous -- Inter Vivos Gift -- Certificate of Deposit

Heggy v. American Trading Employee Retirement Account Plan

Other Matters -- Divorce and Beneficiary Designations -- Texas Interpretation of Egelhoff

Holley v. Grigg

Miscellaneous -- Non-Probate Transfers -- Investment Account

In re Estate of Graham

Wills -- Self Proving Affidavit
Wills -- Testamentary Capacity
Wills -- Testamentary Intent
Wills -- Mistake
Wills -- Undue Influence

In re Estate of Kurtz

Estate Administration -- Muniment of Title

In re Estate of Loveless

Intestate Succession -- Spousal Determination
Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Determination of Heirship

In re Neville Wills -- Testamentary Capacity
Krishnan v. Ramirez

Other Matters -- Disclaimer -- Tardy Disclaimer Acts as Assignment

Lee v. Lee

Estate Administration -- Inventory -- Judicial Admission by Consenting to Contents

Lee v. Lee

Estate Administration -- Executor's Fees
Estate Administration -- Management by Executor
Estate Administration -- Independent Executor -- Removal
Trust Administration -- Removal of Trustee
Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Costs of Removal
Estate Administration -- Costs
Trusts -- Damage Awards

Lions Eye Bank of Texas v. Perry

Miscellaneous -- Anatomical Gifts

Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America v. Law

Estate Administration -- Family Settlement Agreements

Olson v. Estate of Watson

Wills -- Drafting Attorney as Beneficiary
Wills -- Contractual Wills

Panhandle Baptist Foundation, Inc. v. Clodfelter

Miscellaneous -- Inter Vivos Gifts

Pickett v. Keene

Wills -- Contractual Wills

Plummer v. Estate of Plummer

Other Estate Planning Concerns -- Durable Power of Attorney

Saenz v. Saenz

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Inter Vivos Deeds of Devised Land

Stogner v. Richeson

Multiple-Party Accounts -- Trust Account

Supak v. Zboril

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Effect of Party's Death

Villarreal v. Zukowsky

Estate Administration -- Appeal

Weaver v. Keen

Other Matters -- Divorce and Beneficiary Designations -- Texas Interpretation of Egelhoff

Zapalac v. Cain

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees -- Fees Incurred Prior to Attempt to Probate Will